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      • Product Name:Ingenol-3-angelate
      • Molecular Formula:C25H34O6
      • Molecular Weight:430.541

      Product Details


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      1.What is the Ingenol-3-angelate ?

      ChEBI: A tetracyclic diterpenoid ester obtained by formal condensation of the carboxy group of (2Z)-2-methylbut-2-enoic (angelic) acid with the 3-hydroxy group of ingenol. Used for the topical treatment of actinic keratosis.

      Ingenol mebutate (also known as PEP005) was approved in January 2012 by the US FDA for the topical treatment of actinic keratoses (AK). 

      2.What is the CAS number for Ingenol-3-angelate ?

      The CAS number of Ingenol-3-angelate is 75567-37-2.

      3.What are another words for Ingenol-3-angelate ?

      Synonyms for Ingenol-3-angelate 75567-37-2:Ingenol-3-angelate;3-Indolyl-b-D-galactopyranoside;(1S,4S,5S,6R,9R,10R,12R,14R)-5,6-Dihydroxy-7-(hydroxymethyl)-3,11,11,14-tetramethyl-15-oxotetracyclo[,5.010,12]pentadeca-2,7-dien-4-yl (2Z)-2-methyl-2-butenoate;indican (glucoside);Ingenol mebutate;Indoxyl |A-D-galactopyranoside;3-O-angeloylingenol;ingenol 3-angelate;

      4.What is Ingenol-3-angelate (75567-37-2) used for?

      Ingenol 3-Angelate is known to exhibit antitumor activities which induces plasma membrane and mitochondrial disruption and necrotic cell death.

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